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- Truck and Trailer Wash
- Trailer Wash Out
- Omnitracs Installations
- Oil Change
- Safety Inspections
- Side Skirting
- Areodynamic Side Skirting
- Tire Regrooving

Our Products

Product Description
Automatic Vehicle Locator

  • Internal and External GPS / GSM Antenna
  • Attached and external Wiring Harness
  • Internal Backup Battery and
  • Optional External Back-up Battery
  • Optional: Starter Disable relay kit
  • Door Unlock relay kit and many other sensors
Personal Companion

  • 1 second accurate locations in buildings, urban canyons and some in-building conditions.
  • Connect to our 911 Assist and Concierge services available through our Emergency Response Center facilities
  • Easy to program of all internal features and functions over the air (OTA)!
  • Quad-Band GSM cellular technology for 2 way voice communication
  • Alarm notification by text message to pre-programmed phone numbers and email addresses
  • Cell Site Assist and AGPS location augmentation systems for accuracy of location in signal challenged areas
  • Personal and medical security for children or the active elderly.

  • No external battery, antennas or harnesses
  • 5 year battery life with 2 messages per day
  • Globalstar Satellite coverage gives worldwide coverage footprint
  • Asset management – Motion triggered reporting capable to notify you when your assets move; machinery, pumps, generators, compressors etc...
  • Cargo security – Alarm events, door open, engine on, motion sensor

  • Doulble 32 bit processor assures durable memeory for any application!
  • Touch Screen Display for advanced Fleet Management Communcations
  • 2 RS232 Host port for external device connectivity
  • Addititional I/O for 16 additional Inputs and Outputs
  • Driver ID (Dallas Keys) and Temp Sensor Compatible
  • One Board Diagnostics for vehicles and long haul trucks
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